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This website is designed to be usable by any web browser. Even lynx does a reasonable job of rendering it, although Links does a much better job (better rendering of tables for a start). Certainly Konqueror, Opera and Mozilla render it well.

If you find you are having problems with the way that it renders in your browser then please contact me.


This website is hand carved using only Linux. I write the most of the content with VI and use Website Meta Language (WML) package to do fancy things like the auto-generation of the navigation bar and canonicalisation of the HTML. I test it at home on my own Mandrake box using the Apache webserver and the PHP extensions. For any database stuff I use MySQL, not because it's any better than PostGRES, but simply it's what my hosting company uses.


I host my pages at PHP Webhosting, they allow me to use Apache, PHP and MySQL as well as having subdomains and shell access, meaning I can use Rsync to do easy uploads.