Obama wins!

By 15 votes to 6.. in Dixville, New Hampshire, the first place to declare a result.. 😉

Still it’s promising if you’re an Obama supporter..

And the count is a real shocker, as just read on CNN: Obama 15 votes, McCain six votes — in a place that has only voted Democratic once in the 50 years they’ve been doing this tradition.

2 thoughts on “Obama wins!

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  2. Well even if when Barak Obama gets to be the Presidant Properly they will not promise to get the bloody american army and America its self out of Europs Troble as i can list some:
    1. The dispute over the name Macedonia Between Greece and FYROM
    2. The war in Georgia
    3. The ressesion and not appologising to the suffering Europe
    4. Sending Troops Illegally into Europe and getting Hit by stone by the Anti-America Protesters
    5. not admiting making most of the worlds pollution.

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