Donna was on the radio!

Wow! ABC Illawarra (our local radio statio) played the song “Shoes” from Donna’s CD “Nobody Nowhere”! We were over the moon when we heard it, dancing around the house and Donna was singing along to it, something she’d had recurring dreams about long before she ever thought she could make a CD!

A very big Thank You! to presenter

Tony Arthur
at ABC Illawarra for playing it and literally making a dream come true!

If you want to hear bits of the music there are samples on the webpage for the CD and you can
order the CD (and Donna’s books) from her publishers

One thought on “Donna was on the radio!

  1. Excellent! I love that song too….
    BTW, I’m not anonymous [just got an account]. I’m H, and glad you’re both sounding well and happy….Just got curious about how you’re both doing, and stumbled into your wonderful new site.
    Hugs to you both!!

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