Back online – and a permanent resident of Oz!

First the big news, my permanent residency for Australia has come through! Hoorah! Donna and I are both happy campers at that news, although it was never really in any doubt as we’ve got plenty of good friends who know us well who were more than happy to say we’re the real deal. I was more worried about the fact that the AFP couldn’t spell my name correctly at first on their certificate and they had to send a new one out pronto with it spelt rite. 🙂

We’re now back online after the web server that runs this site ran out of disk space. This coincided with their (old) MySQL server going belly up and when it was restarted one of the tables for this site was missing and so it all just stopped.

As you can tell I’ve now fixed the problem, now I’ve just got to hope they don’t run out of disk space again!