UK to get its own Anti-Terror Fridge Magnet ?

The Guardian is reporting that the UK will get its own "anti-terror pack" which leads me to wonder will they follow the lead of the Australian government and ship everyone an anti-terrorist fridge magnet ?

The ABC’s 7:30 Report has a regular (and very good) political comedy sketch on Thursdays done by John Clarke and Brian Dawe, sort of "Monty Python meets Yes Minister".

In February 2003 they they took a hilarious look at this pack, including this snip:

INTERVIEWER: Could you tell me what this is?

JOHN HOWARD: This is just a letter, Bryan, to Australians explaining the geopolitical position and counselling them not to worry too much, not to panic.

INTERVIEWER: Not to worry unnecessarily.

JOHN HOWARD: No, don’t be too alarmed.

INTERVIEWER: And what’s it called again?

JOHN HOWARD: You can see what it’s called.

It’s called “Look out! There’s A Terrorist Behind You With An Axe”.

INTERVIEWER: And this is a fridge magnet?

JOHN HOWARD: It’s a fridge magnet, Bryan, yes.

INTERVIEWER: And what’s it for?

JOHN HOWARD: For sticking on the fridge.


JOHN HOWARD: So you don’t get attacked by terrorists.

Oh, we sent our pack back, return to sender..