The Corporation

We went to the cinema tonight to go and see The Corporation, a film about corporate culture and, as in the US corporations are legally individuals under the 14th Amendment, what sort of a person are they ?

The results is a diagnosis of psychopathy, although they seem to imply they’re using DSM IV, it’s interesting to note that Psychopathy isn’t included there, the nearest being Anti-Social Personality. The film gives a lot of disturbing examples, some of which you’ll have heard of and some you won’t.

There’s a couple of good reviews knocking around the net and I suggest that if you want to see what corporations can get up to, along with an example of a corporate CEO who has seen the light on sustainability then go see it.

It’s a long film, but I’m suprised that although I knew it was over 2 hours the end arrived sooner than I thought it would.