Feasting on Jerusalem Artichokes

Back in the spring (that’s September/October for you northern hemisphere lot) we bought some small Jerusalem Artichoke plants from a garden that was open as part of the Australian Open Garden Scheme and we proceded to plant them in our back garden.

Over the summer we had a number of large (6+ foot), sunflower like plants appear (not suprising as they’re not artichokes and are, in fact, part of the sunflower family) and eventually some nice yellow flowers appeared, looking like the following ones from this web site.

Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers

Now they’ve died back and Donna has dug up 4 of the plants and harvested a complete kitchen sink full of tubers for us to eat, so we’re going to eating these lovely veggies for some time to come I reckon. 🙂

We roasted a tray full of them tonight, with just a sprinkle of salt, along with some grilled lamb and steamed leeks and they were absolutely wonderful!

One thought on “Feasting on Jerusalem Artichokes

  1. Hi,

    Have they become invasive wherever you are in Australia. I am in Vic & are about to plant some but wondered if they would take over the garden. Might be a blessing as nothing mush else grows here because of the drought.

    Thank, Beth

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