Well well well, it would appear that Nigeria’s “Economic and Financial Crimes Commission” has decided to email me personally to tell me that I may be the victim of fraud, and should email my “Name, Address, email and telephone number” to their excite.com email address (or should that be the universia.pt one in the headers ?), and forward it to all my friends so they can do the same thing.

Of course it’s not at all suspicious that a Nigerian agency would be sending from a Portuguese IP address that has been blacklisted for repeated 419 scam emails by SpamHaus – oh no!

Anyway, if you want a laugh at the email the 419 scammers are now sending out in their attempts to use the commission that was set up to get them to get you instead, read the whole posting..

FROM: rib_efccng@universia.pt
TO: undisclosed-recipients:;
CONTENT-TYPE: text/plain


From: Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu. [mailto:nuhu_efccng@excite.com]
Sent: This day 1st, november, 2005

EFCC, Nigeria’s New Fraud Busters (Posted 5th Aug, 2003)

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The buzz word in Nigeria today is the EFCC. This newly constituted
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission sent an audible message to
the enemy camp by clamping down on advance free fraud (419) kingpins
in the country within a month of its commissioning.

Time they say is the best judge, but we hope and believe this body
will be able to uphold justice and integrity.

Presently we discovered that some certain miscreants pose as
Bank/government officials to defraud innocent people off their hard
earn money.

Your email address was extracted from ourmonitoring device while
searching for the names and address of these fraudstars, meaning that

you are in contact with one or more of these miscreants.

As soon as we receive your response we will assign a lawyer to you
who will in turn update you and ensure that the funds you’ve already
paid out is recovered and handed back to you and the fraudstar
persecuted accordingnly. Below are informations needed from you to
assist us in our quest.

Your Name, Address, email and telephone number

etc. etc.

Help fight crime to make this earth a better place to live in.

For further information contact:
Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu, Chairman,
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC),
15, Avins Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.
Email: nuhu_efccng@excite.com