Caller ID on your Television

Andrew’s done a neat trick and now has caller ID appearing on his television courtesy of combining Asterisk and MythTV. He’s got interesting plans..

Next I need to see if I can pause the TV, and resume it when the call ends.

Be nice if you could mark a program as “do not disturb” and get Asterisk to silently divert them to its voicemail system until it’s over, or phone up and tell it to record something you forgot (when you’ve not got Internet access).

One thought on “Caller ID on your Television

  1. Genius, you just blew a few good patent dreams there! Now think of all the similar extrapolations before some bozo company patents them 🙂

    There’s gotta be some kind of Do-Not-Disturb feature that can be invoked when certain programmes are on. Pausing is all very well, but Pobol-Y-Cwm stops for no bach.

    Perhaps automate the answering and playback a generated “the person you have dialled will be available in ‘n’ minutes”.

    I like the idea of maybe using the ID to pull up the caller’s calendar, info on upcoming birthdays, anniversaries etc, photos, recent comments they’ve left around the web… do a real big-brother on anyone that phones.

    And of course, if it’s a call from work, the telly should automatically switch to the bloomberg channel 🙂

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