An Amusing Collection of Quotes

From Shelley about IE7:

Writing Learning JavaScript and now Adding Ajax, as well as creating web page applications such as my photo popup has led me to an epiphany: Microsoft really doesn’t want us to use IE. No, I’m not being facetious–the company would probably prefer that people move to another browser.

(Those looking for an alternative might want to try Firefox)

Shelley also mentions how she has to test with IE6 now, using a Virtual PC image:

According to the IE weblog, this VPC image will only function until April 1st, 2007, but I think the April Fool’s joke is getting people to reserve both memory and disc space–as well as having to go through Microsoft’s validation process–just to test against a browser. What happens after April, then? Are all the Windows 2000 installations going away? There will be no need to test for IE6?

But there seems to be a problem with those images, as Paul Morriss found out, Microsoft seems to think they’re dodgy knock-offs, even though they came from them originally:

Just for fun I then decided to upgrade IE on the Virtual PC to IE7. When it got to verifying whether the copy of Windows on the Virtual PC was genuine it concluded it wasn’t.

He’s got a screenshot as proof..

Then, as a final funny thought, this worked example from Sterling W. “Chip” Camden derived from a theory by Shelley that “Every spec should be written like it was going to be read by VB developers.”:

See Dick and Jane play tag.
See Dick forget his namespace prefix.
See Jane throw an exception.
Run, Dick, run!


2 thoughts on “An Amusing Collection of Quotes

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  2. Yeah, funny how Microsoft tried to deter lots of pc users from using IE7.

    From “we want to dominate the world using our browsers” to “no you can’t use it cause your Windows is not genuine” is so bizarre.

    I really can’t forget how IE bundled with Windows caused a huge anti-trust case last few years.

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