A new version of “Nobody Nowhere”

New cover of Nobody Nowhere So we’ve just received the revised edition of Donna’s classic autobiography “Nobody Nowhere” from the publishers with an updated forward, some of the quotes about it on the back and one of Donna’s paintings, “Swing“, on the cover!

Donna originally wrote Nobody Nowhere was in 1990 and as it is considered a classic autobiography of a person with autism a lot of folks don’t realise that Donna never meant it to be published.

Nobody Nowhere was written in 4 weeks. I barely ate, washed or slept. I wrote the book as a goodbye and a last hope. My plan was to let just one person read it, then shred it and burn it then jump in front of a train. But life is rarely as simple as our plans. Instead of the confirmation of hopelessness I expected, I was thrown a challenge; to allow the book to help others. Instead of shredding it, it became copied and read by millions of people around the world. Instead of being burned, it spent 15 weeks on the New York times Bestseller list and shot to number 1 in US, Canada, Japan, and Norway and got translated into over 20 languages worldwide.

The book is still in print and still selling almost two decades later!

6 thoughts on “A new version of “Nobody Nowhere”

  1. I love the new cover; it’s ethereal and does the book justice. I first read a hardback version of the book in late 2002, added the JKP reprint to my library in 2005 and also own a 1992 paperback edition.

    A modern literary classic.

  2. These beautiful words of Donna’s could have been written on toilet paper or a trash bag and would be the most moving words in a book I have ever read in my life, and I love to read. Her wondrous voice and art amaze me. I purchased the paperback and then the hardcover edition as I want to keep it forever. I will read it often.

  3. Thank you Donna, for allowing your autobiography to be made public. For nearly 30 years, I have asked medical specialists “Why does my son (Autistic catatonia) do these strange things, Why does he not do other things? What is wrong with him? Donnas book, Nobody Nowhere has produced answers for me when the medical team could not. She allows my son a voice through her words, as he is verbally challenged. Donna, your words have helped me.

  4. “These beautiful words of Donna’s could have been written on toilet paper or a trash bag and would be the most moving words in a book I have ever read in my life, and I love to read”.

    that’s gotta be one of the funkiest quotes I ever got

    🙂 Donna *)

  5. Hi Donna,
    and thanks for the compliment…that’s gotta be the best one I have received in a long time!
    Still waiting for the movie of “Nobody Nowhere”

  6. Hi Donna
    After reading your fabulous story, “Nobody Nowhere” I loaned the book to a few..and they were parents with searching questions. One cried as they thanked me for lending the book, another is now hooked on your books and the last time I loaned your book, it had traveled through many readers..returning to me, well read and worn. Now I only give them the info and they can purchase their own copy. The content and true voice in your book amazes me each time I read again, my favorite parts. The loss of knowledge and understanding if you would have burned this story. Thank you once again for your words in this masterpiece have brought understanding, knowledge and the comfort of knowing …there is Somebody Somewhere!

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