Jaunty gotchas..

A couple of things to be aware of before you upgrade to Jaunty (9.04)..

  • Amarok v1 has been dropped, so if (like me) Amarok2 doesn’t do all you need with iPod’s, etc, then you’ll need Bogdan Butnaru’s Amarok 1.4 PPA to get the classic version for Jaunty.
  • Currently there are issues with MytTV and ATI cards in Mythbuntu (and presumably all other Ubuntu variants) where it won’t display fonts, there’s a Launchpad bug for it and a proposed fix in Mesa waiting for approval at present. The work around is to disable DRI in you xorg.conf for the ATI card, or you can add Mario Limonciello’s PPA containing Mesa builds with his proposed fix.

Other than that I’ve been happily running Jaunty on a number of boxes for a while and it’s been pretty painless so far – though I’m using the mainline kernels on all of them.