Open Source Windows ?

Here’s an interesting story, what happens when the philosophy that brought you Linux, *BSD, Apache, etc, starts to set its sights on reworking that software which comes from Redmond ?

ReactOS, that’s what!

These strange people have decided that it would be a wizard wheeze to create a Windows NT 4 compatible operating system, including device driver compatability.

Now, to be fair, they’ve got a long way to go, but the initial reports on their website look promising, it can already self-host (i.e. you can compile ReactOS under ReactOS using GCC) but the screenshots don’t show it looking like an NT gui (a lot to do before then I suspect).

Interestingly if you use Windows you can download a copy of Bochs, the freeware x86 emulator with a ready setup version of ReactOS from the downloads section of the ReactOS website.

Linux users will need to download Bochs separately and use the
ReactOS images
that are available.