RIP Professor Phil Williams

Sad news today, I
read on the BBC News Website
that one of my old physics professors, Phil Williams at Aberystwyth died suddenly at the age of 64.

Very sad, he was a real character and a very likeable person, one of the most approachable people there (no offence to the other staff!). He was very much a Welshman and was strongly involved in Plaid Cymru, the Party of Wales for many many years. Most of this I didn’t know until I read his obituary on the BBC, but I did hear that he was planning to stand as a candidate for the European Parliament (but I don’t think he got elected) and I was very glad to hear that he did managed to get elected to the Welsh National Assembly.

Diolch yn fawr Phil, your self-described “arm waving” explanations of Cosmology & your saxaphone playing were great fun, have a good rest now.