Back on air..

It’s been some time, but we’re back on air again. Numerous hardware failures (including several dieing hard disks and two completely dead PC’s) meant quite a bit of time off air, and some lost email.

We also lost email when the CGI script my webhosting company uses to administer the mail system corrupted my settings, resulting in the deletion of all users and my not being able to log in again to fix it. Eventually they got around to blanking the account and I had to start again from scratch.

Anyway, all that seems to be behind us now, so here’s hoping luck will hold for at least a little while!

2 thoughts on “Back on air..

  1. Just a quick note to say hello! Wonderful to hear how things have changed so much in your life over the past decade. Anyways – I just dropped in to say hi – I’ll actually be passing through Aber on Friday on the way to Cornwall. We met many years ago in Malvern & you showed us around (many pints were had!). Seeya – Pete C, Cork, Ireland (pcassidy at mac dot com)

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