Planetary Society Blog Macromedia Flash Craziness

OK – now this I just don’t understand – the otherwise excellent Planetary Society Blog is using Macromedia Flash objects for the text titles of their articles.

Why ??

One thought on “Planetary Society Blog Macromedia Flash Craziness

  1. Hi Chris.

    I think they could be using Flash for copyright reasons for fears against plagiarism.

    The use of Flash is also an accessibility issue in that: some users may have to download Adobe/Macromedia Flash player to access the content and that Flash (unlike HTML has a limited amount of scaling (on Mozilla we can go from microdot to tabloid headline size body text)).

    If they want more people to read their blog, they are also cheating themselves, as search engine directories encounter problems reading Flash content. The result of this, as well as accessibility issues are poor results with search engine directories.

    I hope they see the error of their ways and revert to HTML text or even add an HTML only version.


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