Poetry: Secrecy

I thought I might put the writing I’ve done for the writing group at Belgrave Library up on here for a bit of diversity. I don’t promise it to be interesting, or good, but I’m happy for feedback!

The way the group works is that they give you a word for the next session and people write poetry or prose to go with it. The first session I went to the word was secrecy so wrote a short poem and a very bad limerick. 🙂


Secrets hung around in his mind like vague memories
Hinting of a past that had been lost in time
Of places seen, people met, deal done and secrets kept
Where the shadow world and real meet
More mundane and boring than you’d ever bet


There was a young man with a secret
Who found that he couldn’t quite keep it
The police came around
Took him off to the pound
and he spent an intolerably long time in gaol