Why Didn’t the Allies Bomb Auschwitz ?

BBC News asks a thought provoking, and disturbing, question – why didn’t the allies bomb Auschwitz?

In 1944 a number of prisoners escaped and made it out of Occupied Europe and delivered reports that became known as the "Auschwitz Protocols", the British and the US both had aerial photographs.

The argument is that it would have diverted resources needed elsewhere, but apparently no great effort was made to evaluate the impact it could have had. It’s hard to look back from 60 years ahead and try and judge those wartime leaders who were gunning for Hitler, but I see echoes of this in modern times too – why didn’t the UN act earlier or more decisively in Bosnia, Rwanda, etc. Why didn’t the US intervene in southern Iraq when Saddam Hussein was putting down the rebellion that the US themselves had encouraged ?

There are no easy answers here, and we cannot change what has been, I just wish we’d learn from our mistakes and oversights.