Lichtenstein Accidentally Invaded by Switzerland

A training exercise for Swiss infantry turned into an accidental invasion of Lichtenstein, according to this BBC article:

A 171-strong Swiss company got two kilometres into its neighbour before realising the mistake and heading back. […] The company commander led his men in the wrong direction in bad weather but gave the immediate order to return when realising the error.

Oops.. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lichtenstein Accidentally Invaded by Switzerland

  1. Oops indeed! When I lived in Switzerland, I was always intrigued by the intensity of training of every male in the country… compursory National Service and annual retraining and shooting practice. I’ll bet their faces were as red as their flag!

  2. I just looked at google earth – there seem to be a big river bordering switzerland – lichtenstein… is this whole story a hox…. I mean getting lost at night in a forest is possible, but crossing a river… i dont beleive it

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