Spammers forging email from

It would appear some Y^$%&($#%& have been forging spam from my email address at

I use GnuPG to PGP sign all my emails. If you get something from me that isn’t signed with GnuPG then it’s unlikely that I’ve written it.

I don’t spam, I hate spam, and the emails in question have never been near a system I control.

From the headers that I’ve seen they seem to be being sent from an IP address in China ( belonging to “CHINANET hebei province network” as well as an IP address in Venezuala ( belonging to CANTV Servicios, Venezuela.

I’ll be taking this up with them when I get back from work.

Where’s a big LART when you need one ?

3 thoughts on “Spammers forging email from

  1. Your key is not self-signed, this generates problem when importing it (gpg –allow-non-selfsigned-uid), and I cannot sign it for the same reason.
    Thanks, Cheers,
    PS: I tested your key after a recent post of yours in’s maui list.

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