Microsoft meets Monty Python

I originally wrote this to go in an email in response to an email from a friend saying:
"Nothing wrong with office 2000 other than security concerns 😉" but I liked it so much I decided to put it on here. 🙂

In my defence I’ll just say that I’ve had a morning of mind-bending debugging…!

Cardinal Gates:

Our main weapon is security holes!
Security holes and proprietary formats, are our two main weapons.

Security holes, proprietary formats and unwanted features are our three main weapons.

Security holes, proprietary formats, unwanted features and forced upgrades are our four main… I’ll come in again.

[exits & re-enters]

Cardinal Gates:

Amongst our many weapons are such diverse elements as
security holes, proprietary formats, unwanted features, forced upgrades, vendor lock in and a fanatical devotion to the stock market.

Cardinal Ballmer, the CDROM!

One thought on “Microsoft meets Monty Python

  1. This bought tears to my eyes in laughter. After installing 13 security updates to my windows 2000 partition yesterday and experienced a reboot everytime windows started, I can just so relate to this – windows security, “We wont let your computer even start!”

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