Conferences, more conferences and some arty stuff..

What a few weeks! Asides from all the usual work we’ve been out and about as Donna did a talk in Ballarat the Friday after we came back from the US/UK and then the weekend after she did a keynote and two workshops at the inaugural ABIQ conference in Brisbane in Queensland (with a special thanks to Michael Chan for being a wonderful host).

This weekend we allowed outselves a more restful time, including some arty stuff by going to see Whitehorse Musical Theatre’s production of "Les Misérables" which was excellent! You’d be forgiven for thinking that you weren’t seeing a professional cast, they got a standing ovation at the end.

Today (Sunday) we headed over to Toorak in Melbourne to see the Toorak Village Festival of Sculpture where they exhibit various sculptures in shop windows and arcades. There were supposed to be 90 in total but we only managed to find about 80 odd, probably because it was a Sunday and the rest were in dark, locked up shops..