A sad day for Australia

So the Australian public has handed the Liberal party another 3 years in office, swinging firmly to the right. 🙁

They’ve voted against the environment and for postponing the inevitable and continuing to log the old growth forests in Tasmania for wood chips and paper, rather than investing in other industries and diversifying. All they’ve succeeded in doing is swapping stopping logging because of new national parks for stopping logging when they eventually run out of trees.

They’ve voted against integrity in political life, preferring to stick to the “I’m all right Jack” mentality of the conservative side of town.

The scariest thing of all is that the new far-right “Christian” Family First party that has had candidates and volunteers espousing homophobic views such as lesbians should be burnt to death and religious hatred and fear seems likely to gain a seat in the Senate on the back of Liberal preferences, thanks to John Howard saying he’d rather give preferences to them than the Greens!

But this is democracy, and to those who voted for the government all I can say is that I hope you’ll be happy with the country, and the world, you’ve voted for.

– Angry & Saddened of Melbourne

2 thoughts on “A sad day for Australia

  1. How about we get the full story: The ONE volunteer who responded to the question about lesbians, was disciplined over the matter and banned from volunteer duties. It was ALLEGED family first supporters hurled eggs. Family first may get a senate seat in victoria, but not by liberal preferences. 30557 votes (preference 14) from the libs, out of 451031 (from abc web site). That is about 6% and not even enough to change the outcome! In fact the labor party gave them more preferences! 154000 preference 8. Remeber this is politics, more FUD than linux vs windows or SCO vs IBM. The press is only going to report the extremes.

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