Microsoft used cracked software to edit sound files ?

In a Groklaw story about Novell suing Microsoft over Wordperfect I found this interesting comment.

“German PC-Welt magazine reports that Microsoft used an illegal copy of
SoundForge 4.5 for editing Wave files shipped with Windows Media Player. You can
check that yourself by opening any file in the


folder in notepad or other editors of
your choice and looking at the last line. There you will find a reference to
SoundForge 4.5 and also a user called “Deepz0ne” who happen to be one
of the founders of an audio software cracking group called Radium.”

I’ve just checked this out on an OEM’d XP filesystem that hasn’t been changed since the machine was delivered (I don’t use XP, but I didn’t blow the filesystem away just in case.
As a case in point I can see:

# pwd
# strings wmpaud1.wav | tail
Sound Forge 4.5

So if PC-Welt's explanation of that is correct, then MS has some explaining to do...