Cadbury’s Fail to Hijack Australian Word ‘Yowie’

Australia has it’s very own “abominable snowman” legends of a creature called the Yowie, predating European colonisation. One guy, Timothy Bull, the National Museum of Australia’s resident cryptonaturalist,has taken it upon himself to investigate and has even written a book on the matter.

However, Cadbury Schweppes objected to him trying to trademark “Tim the Yowie Man” as Yowie is a brand of chocolate, and so opposed it forcing him to fight it through the legal system. Apparently they were concerned that children could confuse him with a chocolate!

In a good show of common sense the tribunal stated that:

“children are more sophisticated consumers than the opponent [Cadbury Schweppes] gives them credit for.”

Shame that Cadbury-Schweppes & their lawyers couldn’t find some too.. 🙂