New Tasmanian Tiger Photos – Probably Fakes :-(

ABC News is reporting that the new Tasmanian Tiger photos (as yet unpublished anywhere) which created such a stir recently are now believed to be fakes by the curator of the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery.

Mr Pemberton says he thinks the photos are clearly doctored.

“The thylacine in the image was very similar to another photograph that we quickly identified,” he said.

“But secondly there were two photographs and there was a time gap between the two of… five, 10, 20 seconds… and the posture of the animal hadn’t changed, which I found very strange.”

8 thoughts on “New Tasmanian Tiger Photos – Probably Fakes :-(

  1. Well, over 18 months later, and having seen the published versions, I’m not convinced they’re fake.

    “very similar” does not mean “the same” (and I’m not just saying that) and the time difference could have been anything from 1 to 59 seconds.

    Now. You see a wild animal. It hasn’t detected you. You turn on your camera and it goes BLING! What does the animal – a predator, not a prey species – do? Stands dead still, stares in your direction and tries to work out if you’re a threat. Maybe even sniffs the air.

    “five, 10, 20 seconds … and the posture of the animal hadn’t changed”

    … and you sound surprised?

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