Linux Beat Project Monterey to IA-64 by 8 months

One of the things that SCO keeps bringing up is how IBM did nasty things to them on Project Monterey. Thing is that Linux actually ran on one of the target architectures of Project Monterey, Intel’s Itanium (aka Merced, IA-64), 8 months prior to Monterey and the people who did this were not IBM, but HP!

When Monterey first booted on IA-64 in September 1999 HP
had already
had the
Linux kernel running in native 64-bit mode on the platform
according to this
technical report from HP
, (direct link to PDF here).

There is also a paper
(PDF here)
& slides
(PDF here)
that David Mosberger from HP presented at Linux Expo ’99
documenting their work that includes a
interesting timeline
that shows that they first got the
kernel to successfully boot and run Hello World on the 20th
January 1999, and they had that with CERNs glibc for IA64
running by the 9th April 1999.

So, if Linux was running on IA-64 8 months *before*
Monterey, could
we claim that they copied from Linux using SCO’s bent
logic ? 😉