The Vacation Mail Responder – Released

The Vacation Mail Responder has been abandoned for over 5 years now, so I contacted the former maintainers and asked them about taking on the project. They were happy about that and so now I find myself looking after it, along with Brian May.

I’ve made a minor bug fix (to add the Precedence: bulk header to all responses it generates) and updated the maintainer information and just released, over 5 years from the release.

The main question is now, of course, where do we go from here ? One of the options we’re seriously considering is whether we should rebase from the native packages in Debian & Ubuntu as their version has been independently developed and gone much further than this one.

But for now I can go to sleep tonight feeling happy that I’ve taken on my first open source project and started to breath some life into it once more..

3 thoughts on “The Vacation Mail Responder – Released

  1. We’re now migrating to Subversion from CVS on SourceForge.

    I also have a plan to set up a WordPress blog for the project on the SF site too, but I need to bend my mind around the MySQL system first..

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