Melbourne Software Freedom Day 2005

450 CDs given out in under 1 hour!

Today was Melbournes Second Software Freedom Day with members of Linux Users Victoria wandering through the CBD of Melbourne giving away copies of The Open CD and an Ubuntu Linux Live CD. There were about 8 people giving away CD’s and I took photos (53 of them by the look of it), which I’m now in the process of uploading for the organisers and I’ll also add into the photo gallery too!

Afterwards three of us headed over to ComputerBank’s event where they demo’d open source systems to visitors and gave a good talk and raised some very good questions from someone involved in a project to set up what sounded like a Linux based educational system at an orphanage in India (though I could have gotten those details wrong).

In Scotland there has been a motion lodged in the Scottish Parliament in support of Software Freedom Day.