Revision Control Systems

James asks “how many actually use Revision Control Systems like SVN or Arch/Bazaar/Bazaar-ng ?“.

Well I’m using Subversion for managing various websites and it works pretty well, I’m happy with it. I’m not doing anything that needs distributed developers or branches, though, so I don’t need any of those features that Arch, et. al or git supplies.

2 thoughts on “Revision Control Systems

  1. I’ve used CVS for years, and had great results – very resilient version control, including all sorts of insane branching for reasons imposed by others.

    I’ve managed to persuade my new company to use Subversion, and it seems to be going just as well, although I’m not involved in the projects that are using it. (I didn’t like VSS and PVCS before, and now that I have to use them, I know they’re terrible!!)

    And I can’t recommend TortoiseCVS & TortoiseSVN highly enough! On Windows, they make CVS & SVN an absolute pleasure to use.

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