Sony “EULA” For Their Alleged “CD”

The EFF has a nice little article on the “EULA” that comes with certain Sony silver discs (that masquerade as music CD’s) which has some really interesting bits. Caveat that with the understandable fact that it only talks about US law and assumes that you have some rights to fair use which may or may not exist in your country.
Of course this only affects Windoze users who forget to press the shift key if they haven’t already disabled the Windoze “AutoRun” virus delivery system for CD’s.

My favourite quote from this contract with the devil is this bit about when you must stop playing the music you bought, er, sorry, licensed:

Without prejudice to any other rights SONY BMG or any SONY BMG PARTY may have hereunder, the term of this EULA shall terminate immediately, without notice from SONY BMG, and all rights you may have hereunder to use the LICENSED MATERIALS shall be immediately revoked, in the event that you: (i) fail to comply with any provision of this EULA, (ii) fail to install an update of the SOFTWARE that was previously provided to you by the SONY BMG PARTIES within the time specified, or (iii) file a voluntary petition or are subject to an involuntary petition under applicable bankruptcy laws, are declared insolvent, make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or are served with a writ of attachment , writ of execution, garnishment or other legal process pertaining to any of your assets or property.

Yes indeedy, if you get into financial problems you have to remove this music from your computer…. and then they complain that people don’t buy many CD’s these days. Not only is their mass produced talentless music crap, the companies are stupid!

NB to fellow residents of down under regarding fair use rights – they don’t exist in Australia so it is illegal to put those CD’s you’ve bought onto your iPod here.