New Top 500 Supercomputer List out

Well it’s SC time again, and time for another round of gigaflop harlotry, er, sorry, another round of the Top 500 Supercomputer list!

Applying my non-patented completely arbitrary criteria for a summary of the vendor stats I find..

  • At number 1 is IBM with:
    • 5 of the top 10 systems, including the top 3,
    • almost half of the list with 219 of the top 500 giving them just over 43%
    • over 52% of the total Rmax!
  • Next is HP with 169 systems.
    • combined with IBM they make up over 77% of systems and 71% of Rmax
  • Then we’ve got a tie between SGI and Cray, both with 18 systems
    • Cray just edge SGI out on Rmax with 143606 versus 126711.
  • Then there’s Dell with 17 systems.
  • Linux Networx have 16 systems.
  • Then there is a big gap before we hit the rest…

“The Rest” are, in order, NEC (6); Hitachi, Atipa and homebuilts each with 5; Fujitsu and Sun each with 4; Appro and Intel each with 2 and a whole bunch of one-hit wonders.

One oddity there is that Apple have only one system listed (at number 308) but there are two homebrew Apple systems in the top 20 (numbers 15 and 20)! Then of the 3 that are left 2 more are Apple boxes (numbers 80 and 303)..