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One of the things I miss moving from the UK to Aus was the TV, here we’ve only really got 2 channels worth watching (ABC and SBS), the commercial channels are awful – poor content, poor presentation and (deliberately) poor timekeeping – fortunately I’ve never watched a lot of TV!

One of the gems of UK TV is Time Team from Channel 4, an archaeology program showcasing a 3 day excavation from random peoples gardens where interesting artifacts have been found to prominent archaeological sites. A great bunch of characters and always interesting and I’ve missed it a lot.

But now it’s arrived down under! The ABC are showing it on TV on Tuesday nights at 6:10pm (though I missed the first one through being at a LUV meeting). Can’t wait!

Time Team team

7 thoughts on “Time Team on the ABC!

  1. As has been said C4’s Time Team is a treasure. From making Archeology current, and being entertaining on top of actually educational (I have learned many historical nuggets through this program) Tony’s enthusiasm drive each program and takes you with him on each journey in to the architectural legacy beneath modern day Britain.

    Not actually caught it yet (mainly due to being at work during the 6:10 slot. I can only hope ABC do the decent thing and show it again in a later slot or sometime during the weekend.

  2. I agree, this show really is a treasure. Tuesday nights are a must in front of the telly – I never miss an episode as I am hugely interested in English history.
    I wonder if you could become involved in one of their digs? there always seems to be random volunteers assisting, wouldnt it be great to amongst them and an awesome atmosphere uncovering secrets from the past 🙂

  3. Hello Brian,

    My understanding from living in the UK is that the volunteers you see are usually a mix of archaeology students and local archaeology groups. For example the dig at Throckmorton in Worcestershire (near where I lived in Malvern) had the South Worcestershire Archaeological Group involved.

    I’ve loved archaeology since I was a kid (I was a member of the Young Archaeologists’ Club and so I would have loved to have had a go! Ah well.. 🙂

  4. Apology if I am using the incorrect method of contact.
    I am a retired Australian archaeologist and your program constantly informs me on Roman archaeology. My particular area of interest is the evidence that informs on the life of women. I have visited Fishbourne, but I will be in UK in July, part of August and October and would really like to observe the team at work.
    I leave Australia on l June but will be in constant email contact or I can give you contact details in the UK.
    Congratulations on a great program.

  5. Hi Marcia,

    Sadly this is not a website in anyway affiliated with Time Team, I just love watching it. 🙂

    You might, however, have more luck with this page on the official Time Team site called “Getting Involved” which lists various UK archaeological organisations which may be able to help.

    Best of luck!

  6. Hi Marcia,

    yeah – that excludes me unfortunately! never mind, obviously they’d require skilled people dealing with the digs and the recovery of artefacts.
    Maybe I could go along and be one of the spectators then? 🙂


  7. Why is there always the 3 days only?
    Ever since being made aware of the show I race home just in time to catch the show.
    Then eat dinner.

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