Alec Muffett Update : Tuesday 11th July – Part 2

Just in from Bart:

I got a call from Alec’s sister and this time she had very little to say… as Alec did most of the talking himself (courtesy of a voice recorder).

Below is a transcription of (most of) Alec’s message, the audio for which I’ll put online as soon as I can (sorry for the delay).

Hello, it’s Alec again for another broadcast, from a bedstead in Lille hospital.

It’s a hot and sticky day and I’m tied to the bed with various bits of rubber tubing and in a most awkward position that you would not like to find yourself in.

Life is improving, especially now that I’ve got some food down me, yoghurt and bits of soup and it’s quite nice generally.

Anyway, so today is tuesday and the way things are looking it may be that by wednesday at some point, at wednesday come midnight I’m going to be (…), and I by wednesday afternoon I expect to be… [now apparantly talking to a doctor or nurse that’s walked in] Some nice people on the voice recorder. Hello. Possibly tomorrow I’ll be going in for an operation on my knee, get my tibia refixed.


Pardon the interruption. There just was a very nice doctor who told me I shouldn’t be drinking absolutely anything after 2am this morning in case I have a knee operation tomorrow, as I mentioned. They will attach one bit of my tibia to another bit of my tibia with some bolts and screws, and I’ll be in a fit state to have a cast put on it which should make life easier.

I’m still not sure when I’ll be back in the UK because that depends on the state of the rest of my body. They’re mildly concerned about the state of my kidneys and about my bile ducts.

(Here, on the recording, his sister chimes in: “He’s always very bilious”)

Oh lovely, thank you. All things going well it’s not impossible I may be in a hospital in Birmingham on Saturday and starting to recuperate.

On the other hand it may be monday because we have Bastille Day coming up, a national holiday which will probably upset everything. That’s the way
of things.

But anyway, I did want to say thank you to you guys for supporting me, sending me cards and phone messages and so on and I’ll be in touch as much as I can via means like this when I’m back in the UK. Thanks an awful lot, take care, big hugs. Bye Alec.


Hi, this is Alec. (..) this is just a short bit to say I feel triumphant having eaten two thirds of an egg and some bits of white aspargus — the first solid food I’ve had since thursday morning, I think. Another update in the morning. Thanks again.

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