California Sues Car Companies & Exxon Secrets

Before I turn in for the night – the State of California has launched law suits against 6 car companies (GM, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chrysler & Nissan) under the Federal Common Law of Public Nuisance. It contains this rather enlightening quote:

Defendants’ motor vehicle emissions in the United States account for approximately nice percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions

I don’t suppose I should be amazed by that, but it’s still a staggering statement – vehicle use in the US alone accounts for ~ 9% of global CO2 output.

You can read the actual law suit (PDF) mirrored at The Age. Thanks to my lovely wife for forwarding an email about the suit on to me..

On a related note, a friend and colleague (also called Chris) sent me a link to a site called where you can find out about the web of anti-climate-change organisations that get funding from Exxon and how they are connected.