First Experiences with KUbuntu Edgy Eft

Now got the current development release of KUbuntu (codenamed Edgy Eft) running on 3 machines, my desktop here at home, my own laptop and a work laptop. All seem to be working just fine and for the first time my home laptop has working 3D with its ATI mobile graphics chipset – I can even run Google Earth on it!

My desktop is now rid of the annoying rendering bugs of Google Earth on its ATI Radeon 9250 PRO and generally seems to be a better experience. No real change in boot time though, Bootchart still shows a boot time of about 38 seconds on this 2.6GHz P4 with a pair of software RAID-1 SATA drives. My guess is that I can probably shave a few seconds off that by telling it to boot without the splashscreen..

The only problem I’ve hit was on the work laptop with an Intel graphics chipset, KDM won’t start unless I’ve disabled the “splash” option which is a bit odd.

Update: Yup, taking out the “splash” boot option on my home desktop box took me down to 35 seconds according to bootchart.

Bootchart with “splash”

Bootchart poster of Edgy boot with

Bootchart without “splash”

Bootchart poster of Edgy boot without

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