Why You Should Use SSH

I’m here at SuperComputing 2006 (SC06, booth #1938) and whilst wandering around during the exhibition setup yesterday (Sunday) spotted that the folks running the NOC (( Network Operations Center )) for the conference (called SCinet) are running Bro to capture passwords that are going across the network in the clear and publishing them on a set of screens on their booth.

They’re also up on the web here:


I like these folks style.. 🙂

Bro clear-text password capture at SC06

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Use SSH

  1. Some wit has, at the end, sent traffic so the top line of the screen now says:

    One_ping(1)_to_rule_them_all 10643 One_ping(1)_to_find_them 10615 One_ping(1)_to_hold_them_all 10588 And_in_the_darkness_bind(8)_them. 10584


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