Now Using Google’s tcmalloc

As another performance experiment (not content with just PHP 5.2.0) I’ve now got Apache (and hence mod-fcgid and PHP) using tcmalloc from Google’s PerfTools through the simple expedient of adding:

export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/google-perftools/lib/

to /etc/default/apache2. Again, any problems, let me know!

Thanks to Mikal for the, ahem, pointer. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Now Using Google’s tcmalloc

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  2. Hi Chris, I’m trying it now on Debian, and as an aside I’ve been using Apache2, mod_fcgid and PHP more and more, awesome setup. I was surprised at how much faster mod_fcgid was than mod_fastcgi. Might have been my config though.

  3. Hey again, just thought I’d mention I’m exploring some python experiments with mod_wsgi – cool stuff. Kind of like mod_fcgid, but with WSGI goodies like environ.


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