Migratedata – a Generic Database Conversion Tool

Andy Ballam left a comment on my post about migrating from PostNuke to WordPress mentioning a tool he’s created called migratedata that I though deserved a wider mention..

This might be helpful to people: I’ve just started a project called migratedata (http://migratedata.sf.net/) that provides a framework for migrating between all different types of databases without writing any SQL – just editing an XML file.

It comes with an example that will migrate from PostNuke to WordPress 2.2. Nice work Andy!

2 thoughts on “Migratedata – a Generic Database Conversion Tool

  1. Hi Chris, thanks for the mention!

    I’d love the project to become a repository for lots of migrations, so they are all available in one place instead of scattered around various forums etc.

    Of course, the XML file format will probably need to expand to cover everything that people need, but hopefully by getting something simple working I can convince people to use the system to do their own conversions, instead of a custom SQL script, and then we will begin to have a nice re-usable system as well as an archive of possible conversions people might want to do.


  2. Sounds pretty good! I’m a software develper in a niche market (Learn to Swim Schools).
    I’ve been able to convert most of my new customer’s data to my system (FrontDesk), but I’m exploring the option of having a 3rd party be able to work both ways. I’d been thinking of proviing a 3NF conerter for my (not quite 3NF) Access 2000 format database, but XML has some potentials that could cross into non-3NF or other databases. SELL ME!

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