Tsunami Warning for South East Australia (updated – no impact)

Just got back from a talk Donna was doing to find that the BoM has issued a tsunami warning for Victoria after a large earthquake near New Zealand.

An undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.9 has occurred at 07:22 PM EST on Wednesday 15 July 2009 at 45.960S , 166.470E off W. COAST OF S. ISLAND, N.Z. Sea level observations have confirmed a tsunami has been generated.

ABC News says:

The weather bureau says there is a potential tsunami threat to New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island.

No risk to us, being well inland, but hopefully those nearer the coast will be OK.

Update: Well it was tiny – 774melbourne (ABC local radio) on Twitter reported:

774melbourne Correction: TV NZ reports the NZ wave was around 17cm.
774melbourne Observations of a very small Tsunami in Tas. No major land impact expected.