WordPress 2.5 is now out!

Get it while it’s hot folks, the brand new shiny WordPress 2.5 is now up for people to grab!

Just upgraded here from RC2 to the release version – please let me know if you find anything that has broken.

5 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5 is now out!

  1. Your theme seems to fit 2.5 well, I have gone lots of places this morning with broken themes and 2.5. Their themes might have been horrible before, but some of the sites were big and popular and have a hard time believing no one told them their layout sucked before.

    Have you found any broken plugins so far? I installed and did a prelim test on a test blog putting screen caps on my main blog, but haven’t got beyond that at the moment. My next step is to try out all my big name plugins before actually installing on a public blog.

    Your layout works so it gives me hope for mine.

  2. Hi Brad,

    I did a bit of work on the theme (Zen in Grey) to fix up some rendering issues, incorporate the new gravatar support in 2.5 and re-add the “subscribe to comments” code needed by the plugin. I did do a bit of testing with different themes for 2.5 RC1 before settling for this one.

    There are plugins that don’t work, indeed (AutoMeta is one that I’ve just noticed is not working) but nothing has broken the output of WP (that I’ve noticed), which was a nice surprise.

    I tested by copying & tweaking my existing database to a new location, copying the directory structure, pointed a test domain to it and had a play.

  3. I got autometa to work just fine, but I had to actually do a widget search to make it show up, then once I loaded it, it worked fine. I’m hearing from several people that the widget page doesn’t fully load for them at all. The only good compliment I can come up for the entire layout of the widget page now is I can add as many text widgets as I like and they seem to take css formatting better (or I am just better at writing it than I used to be).

    Another plugin I got working yesterday was the LiveJournal crossposter, which was a make or break plugin for me since a full 1/4 of my traffic comes from there
    I am still not sure I want to upgrade just yet, but

  4. Grin, not a worry, I can quite understand about that. I do mean to bug Rich about porting Autometa but given he’s already got his plate full with his Worst Offenders plugin (which I’m meant to be helping him with) I think I’ll give him a break. 🙂

    The widget page does work for me, but I’m not entirely happy with no longer being able to drag widgets from one

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