Alec Muffett Update: Friday 14th July – Two updates and an operation!

Update 1

From Gilles via Rachel:

Just had a chat with Alec’s sister yesterday evening. Here is the latest news… and it’s good!

Alec was operated on his leg Thursday morning. Operation went well. He recovered from the operation very well.

Yesterday evening, he ate what seems to be quite a big dinner… so his appetite is now back up to what it is supposed to be!

They should be flying him back to the UK on Monday.

Update 2

Rachel’s description of her chat with Alec’s sister.

L… (eldest) has now joined M… in France, and will by now have surprised Alec at the hospital. Yes the operation went well, though he found coming round from the anaesthetic horrid. They reckon six weeks before he can put weight on the leg, and obviously in the long-run physio will be required.

M…. said that as well as a good meal, Alec had another good English Cuppa last night – to go with the box of English tea bags she’d been given, she has now bought a proper spoon and a Winnie-the-Pooh melamine cup, from which Alec can drink with the help of a “pippette” (straw to the English) as he is of course still fairly flat on his back.

M… is hoping that the Insurance firm do not mess up on the current idea of flying Alec home on Monday. The Lille and Edgbaston Hospitals and their staff have been brilliant – this is not something she says about the insurance guys. Apparently they keep moving the goal posts, and she is finding it very frustrating. Those of a praying style might like to bear this in mind over the w/e!

Alec’s destination is the BMI Priory Hospital in Edgbaston Birmingham, which I am pretty sure is this one: (Not to be confused with any other “priory” hospital in that area!)

You will be pleased to hear that Alec has been very concerned as to the technical aspects of his room at the hospital – eg. Wireless internet and other things I don’t understand! Once there he will make a list of the things he needs (clothing is well down the list – there’s a surprise!)


That just about concludes this update. I am away Sat-Sun so things may go quiet, and anyway until Alec’s at the Priory I suspect that there won’t be anything too dramatic – unless the Insurance firm are a total pain!!