Tonights Achievement – Stalling the German Advance into Norway

My good friend Iain and I have been playing the 1974 Game Designer Workshop Europa wargame Narvik, based on the Norwegian Campaign where both German and Norwegian/Allied troops faced off for the first time.

The Allied player (myself in this case) is trying to fight a slow retreat up Norway, hanging on as long as possible in the hope that you can muster enough forces in the north to capture Narvik and its surrounding hexes and (for a decisive victory) hang onto at least one port south of one of the “Weather Lines” that cross the board.

Well I just managed it – though Iain had been helping as I’d not played this before. I did manage to suprise him in the last few turns of the game by sneaking a couple of small Norwegian units around to a couple of lightly defended ports down south to try and grab one in case I lost the one further up. Unfortunately one was about 2 hexes too far to reach before the end of the game and the other was an indecisive battle between equally matched units..