Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus!

Welsh Flag (WikiMedia)

Happy Saint Davids Day fellow Cymraeg (and the rest of the world)!

Also know as International Talk Like a Boyo Day, there’s lovely. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus!

  1. Bore Da Chris !
    We have some ‘sugar gliders’ at the animal centre. I understand they come from Oz originally. Do you ever see any in the wild? They are really beautiful.
    We are looking forward to tomorrow morning and hoping for a sunny day as all the children at the school opposite our home will be wearing their welsh costumes and having an eisteddfod where they will sing and dance.
    Happy St David’s Day to you both

  2. Hello Chris!

    Long time no speak! Karen and I are living in Cheshire now. We moved over a year ago.
    Was reminded of you when we watched a wedding DVD my sister sent from the States
    which had you and Grim in it. 🙂

    Keep in touch!!


  3. P’nawn da, Chris Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus i ti!

    Best wishes to you from all of us here in the Welsh Assembly Government offices in Merthyr – keep up the Wales Ambassador job!

  4. Hi Lesley! Yes the Sugar Gliders are native Aussie animals, but not, never seen one in the wild yet. Have had possums living in our roof which is, umm, interesting. Especially when they decide to relieve themselves and it leaks through into your living room while you’re having dinner. 🙂

    G’day Tom! Wow, you’ve re/de-emigrated then! I’m really bad at keeping in touch by email sadly and so often the blog is the best way to get hold of me! Glad to hear about the DVD, gotta say I’m a much happier chappy now than I was back then. Take care of yourselves and very glad to hear things are good for you both.

    Ian, diolch yn fawr! To my shame that’s about the limit of my Welsh; though I was born and grew up in Cardiff and spent almost 8 years living in Aberystwyth doing my degree and then working I never managed to learn my native tongue. I’ve got to admit I don’t seem to have any talent for languages (well, except for a couple of computer ones).

    Amusingly at one point I was living in NSW, which I guess made me an Old South Welshman and a New South Welshman at the same time. 🙂

  5. We took the sugar gliders to the vet for a check up the other day, then yesterday we were asked to go to the pet shop in Pontardawe to buy some grub for them (and now I know where the expression originated!) We bought live meal worms, live, and very bouncy locusts and nectar food. It was a very mobile carrier bag to transport back to the centre….. where I then had to first remember, and then write out all the instructions, not only how to feed the new chaps to the sugar gliders, but also what to feed to the worms and locusts to keep them alive and healthy until they eventually meet their fate!

    The fact that these lovely little possums eat these things as part of their staple diet reinforces my feeling that Australia is a country with few people and a whole lot of creepy-crawlies!

    BTW the man in the pet shop was really kind and didn’t charge a penny for any of the stuff, even the expensive nectar food, as it was for LLys Nini which is a cash strapped charity! It was an excellent day for us as we were also given loads of (heavy) sacks of sawdust for free too, by some carpenters in Gorseinon.

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