Donna’s first YouTube video – From Autism to Artism

Last night Donna and I managed to get her first YouTube video online called “From Autism to Artism“, based around her photos from childhood, her paintings and the song “Beautiful Behavioural Mutations” from her Mutation album (and no, I can’t keep up with her creativity!).

2 thoughts on “Donna’s first YouTube video – From Autism to Artism

  1. Hi Both
    This is an enchanting combination of really beautiful things, and very cleverly edited! Donna, you are incredibly talented in so many ways! I’m just going back to see/hear it again. Byeee…

  2. Hi Chris,

    just a big thank you so much for your wonderful help.
    You helped make something really lovely
    but then, that’s to be expected because you are already full of so much loveliness.

    🙂 Donna *)

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