IAE predicts Peak Oil in next 5 years

From the ABC news:

The International Energy Agency has warned of a shortage of oil in the next five years. It says world oil production may not be able to keep up with demand, leading to a supply crunch.

Hold on tight folks, it might be a bumpy ride..

2 thoughts on “IAE predicts Peak Oil in next 5 years

  1. Dear Readers,

    My flatmate and I sat down and had a talk about world fuels and,
    the world prediction as in forward planning .

    It sent alarming bells with me many many years ago that if we carry on with the way in which this world is ,we should look at perhaps going back to the way of our past.

    I understand you don’t want to alarm people of the world but some people just live day to day without no cares in the world.

    If we act as a world together instead of greed and envy perhaps we as a world can resolve by being more energy efficient.

    The only thing that counts in this world is who holds power ,Why not have an international trade policy stating that all countries of the world must sit down and combined forces to make our world a better place and more energy friendly .

    what we need is a world body to act as one to put into place a policy with automatic compliance saying “All coutries must act and reform all energy used by coutries and it makes sense to save our plant “Look outside the square”.

    The future is inportant to the world unless you want starving 3rd rate world it dose show in some coutries through corruption and war.



    New Zealand

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