Telstra second from bottom in OECD broadband league

Thankfully at least one Australian paper has picked up on the recent OECD broadband report so we can get some idea about what it says for Australia. Telstra comes out really badly (surprise surprise), for speed in the national carrier stakes..

In a comparison of download speeds offered by incumbent national suppliers such as Telstra in October last year, Australia pulled up second last with its fastest offering of a 1.5mbit/s DSL package. While speedier packages were being offered by other suppliers at the time, our national carrier lagged that of most other developed countries, pulling up in the second last spot just ahead of Slovak Republic, and behind Turkey.

For pricing in general across ADSL providers we’re about average..

In terms of lowest monthly subscriptions costs for a broadband package, Sweden claimed the cheapest package at $US10.79, followed by Denmark at $US11.11. Australia sat in the middle of the pack at $US21.10, but behind New Zealand, which had an offering at $US16.86

which surprised me..