Monster hack(ed)

The BBC reports that social engineers hacked looking for information to make phishing scams more credible..

It said confidential details of more than 1.3 million people, mainly Americans, were stolen by malicious hackers who carried out the attack. It said that servers in the Ukraine and hijacked home computers were used to mount the attack. […] The thieves got away with names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of users. […] The attackers wanted to get hold of personal information in an attempt to make e-mails supposedly sent by recruitment firms more plausible.

One thought on “Monster hack(ed)

  1. Hi

    As far as i know it was a bot based attack, the team involved had used a network of systems from ukrain & alot of users who were already infected as cutomized bots to collect information from the moster site as it was being hacked! the trojan infostealer had been transmitting the data via (XXXX)port to which these damn bots listened & data was written on to a common server!
    When Symantec who manages their security had gotten hands on to the route they where very late.. the thiefs had alot of data already!

    So those who have these information on monster please keep away from emails which has an hyper link or some kink of file downloads! the other kind of attacks they could do on you are simply not preventable as you dont have cure for the till date!!

    I thought i would change the world, but they wouldnt gimme the source code

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