I’m going to be an Aussie! (Updated)

Catching up on my backlog – a few weeks ago I received a letter saying:

13th December 2007

Dear Mr Samuel

On behalf of the Government and the people of Australia, I am delighted to advise that your application for Australian citizenship has been approved.

Yay! I’m going to be an Aussie (( well, OK, to be precise, a dual-national UK/Aussie ))!

Back in the middle of the year I decided that after having lived in Australia for almost 5 years it was about time to do the right thing and apply to be a citizen of my new home. I was hoping to get to vote in the 2007 general election, but changes in the process and travelling overseas meant that the interview that should have happened in September didn’t occur until the 7th December. So they moved pretty quickly from that to the approval! 🙂

I am still a PR (permanent resident) until I do the “Pledge of commitment” which will be some time in the next 6 months or so, but once that happens my PR visa will cease and I’ll need to get an Aussie passport to go with my UK one.

Update: Turns out that “in the next 6 months or so” is actually going to be this coming Australia Day, January 26th!

14 thoughts on “I’m going to be an Aussie! (Updated)

  1. Hi Chris,

    ‘grats on becoming “one of us”. We don’t bite 😉

    When my folks and I became “one of us” (very early 70’s), you had to renounce your previous nationality (even for the “Mother Country”).

    Also, as I was only a young kid, the paperwork had to be signed by a “responsible parent”…which meant NOT your mother. This resulted in a few strongly worded letters to various ministers and senior Public Servants. I believe the phrase “couldn’t run a brothel, let alone a government department” was used.

    So, I hope yours runs a bit more smoothly. Do you get to do your pledge etc on Australia Day ?

    Plant your wattle wisely 😉


  2. Congratulations, Mate !!! Australia will be blessed to have you as an official citizen! Hugs from your pals ‘up over’ xox! Bev, David & Gordy

  3. Thanks all!

    Andrew – yes indeed, I do get to do the pledge on Australia Day! Australia has permitted dual nationality since 2002, and the UK is OK with that too.

    Michael – too late for that, they’ve already granted it.. 🙂

  4. Nope, I’d applied and gone through most of the process before that had been announced. Also the only time they could offer me an interview before the one I had in December was when I was away overseas, so I guess I counted as a legacy application (ahem). 🙂

  5. beauty mate! perhaps it should be ‘bewdy mayt’ . this is a fabulous place to be, and i feel grateful every day to be born and living in a peaceful and beautiful land. i hope you find all good things here, and there are many indded to discover. notwithstanding the accents, mozzies, and beetroot….
    warmest congratulations to you. please consider yourself slapped heartily on the back and your hand vigorously shook 🙂
    love janette

  6. Hi Chris Happy New Year and Congratulations on leaving the sinking ship LOL but seriously great news about the change on citizenship
    All my love

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