IFPI – can we control all European Internet traffic – please ?

From Ars Technica (early December):

Imagine a world in which a single industry could control an entire continent’s access to particular web sites, force ISPs to install expensive deep packet inspection gear that would search the complete Internet data streams of millions of users, and force Internet applications to conform to its design parameters or risk being blocked. If you’re a European consumer, this might sound like a paranoid dystopia, but it’s actually a vision of paradise—if paradise were designed by the IFPI.

What are they after ? Terrorists ? Paedophiles ? Drug runners ? Not quite..

In a recent memo to European legislators, the worldwide music lobby laid out its vision of a world in which all ISPs adopted three “feasible and reasonable options” to help address copyright infringement on their networks.

Not surprisingly the EFF has something to say about this (PDF)..